We are South African Nerd Network, a South African based community for everyone, from gamers to music lovers, everyone is welcome. We aim to create a community where everyone feels welcome, and they can find new people to play with, or just chat and listen to music with.

A History

South African Nerd Network was an idea that was thought up by two friends, wanting to create a different place for people to come play and chat. We started South African Nerd Network in July 2018 with one Rust server. This really got us started in our journey in the South African gaming and community scene.

Over the next year, we had many successful game servers. Our Garry’s Mod DarkRP was the biggest in South Africa during 2016, and our Rust server got really popular. Our member count slowly grew upwards, tipping 100 at the end of 2018.

During June 2019, we merged with Xeon Gaming, a South African based community that had the largest Ark Survival Evolved servers in South Africa. We welcomed Adam, Waseem and all their server members to our Nerd family with open arms.

Since then, we have grown our member count to over 350 members at the end of 2020, with aiming to break 400 soon.

We are welcome to everybody that has join us on our journey.