Welcome to South African Nerd Network. A server aimed towards the South African Gaming Community. :flag_za:

Who Are We?

The South African Nerd Network is a community for all. We aim to provide enjoyment and fun for all ages, for non-gamers and gamers alike. Even for those who just want a chat! :speech_left: We want to be the one-stop for everything gaming related. We also host our very own Rust and Garry’s Mod servers, and are looking into expanding this network into more games, such as Minecraft, Terraria and Unturned. We have many text and voice channels to cater to all our members needs. From debates, where people can debate about any topic, to Art, where people can show off their art skills, or Development Channels, where Devs can discuss and ask for help on any topic that our other members can help with, thus, making the ultimate Discord for South Africa. We are also planning to expand our brand under The Nerd Network name! :earth_africa:

Why Are We Doing This?

We aim to provide a great platform for all our members. A friendly and enjoyable places for all. We aim to keep our Forums and Discord Troll free, for the optimal experience. We also often do partnerships with other South African Communities, to showcase what else South African Communities have to offer. :thumbsup:

Our Future

We plan to expand into other African country’s. We have multiple servers under development and might deploy them in the near future. Any donations given to us, goes towards the running of our servers and possibly in the future, give back to our community in ways of giveaways. :gift:


Much love from

The South African Nerd Network

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