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FiveM is a GTA:V modifications that allows people like us to run custom servers. Our server is a roleplay server, where you can create your very own character and write your own story and complete your own legacy.

Server Info

Our FiveM Server is whitelisted, meaning you need to complate an application to get access to the server. We want good roleplay, thus we have made the server whitelisted.

You can view theĀ guidelines here

Our server rules are simple:

  • No Metagaming
  • No Sex/Rape RP
  • No RDM & VDM
  • Keep RP clean

more rules can be added at any notice

Here are some general server rules

  • No using hacks/exploits or lua injectors, if you are caught, you will be banned and application revoked.
  • Keep your chats in the specific channels. Keep OOC in OOC and IC in IC
  • We reserve the right to revoke your whitelist status if we believe you are abusing or breaking the rules.

FiveM Application

  • You need to be older than 16 years old to apply.
  • We may need to interview you, so make sure you are in our Discord server.
  • Completing this application does not ensure that you have been accepted.

We are Sponsored by Hyperlayer

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