Rust South Africa (South African Nerd Network) does have a nice Vanilla Modded server, that make the experience more enjoyable for all players. Our server is the South African Nerd Network Vanilla Plus. It is a Vanilla Experience with Mods that make it more enjoyable and more fun for noob players and experienced players. 

Our server is available for anybody to join, so please come pop past and have a go on our server. Join our Discord here


Here is our plugin list: (All of them)
  •  Autobroadcast [Messages in text from the server providing helpful infomation]
  • Backpacks [Enable Players to have backpacks]
  • BetterChat [A better chat for Rust]
  • Bloodtrail [A bloodtrail that follows the player when injured]
  • Botspawn [Spawning NPC’s at Monuments for more PVE]
  • BypassQueue [Bypass the queue for our VIP’s]
  •  ChestStacks [Better stack sizes for chests]
  • ColouredNames [The ability to give our VIP’s their custom name colour.
  • CustomChatCommands [The ability for us to create commands for our server, like /help and /wipe]
  • DangerousTreasures [Custom Event]
  • DeathNots [Log kills and deaths]
  • HuntRPG [Gives an RPG feel to Rust with levels and skills]
  • ItemSkinRandomizer [When crafting an item, it will give the item a random skin]
  • LoadingMessages [Custom messages for the loading screen]
  • NoEscape [An anti-teleport, anti-combating logs. When in combat, players cannot teleport out]
  • NTeleportation [Enabled teleportation in Rust]
  • RemoverTool [The ability of picking up a object once placed]
  • SignArtist [The ability of importing images into signs ingame]
  • SkipNight [The ability to skip night]
  • StackSizeController [Custom stack sizes for the players inventory]
  • Tickets [A ticketing system for Rust, for reporting players/issues]
  • UiPlus [A custom UI for Rust]
  • Vanish [Use for when admins need to do adminy things]
  • WheresMyCorpse [The ability of the player to find their corpse once they have been killed (possible removal)]
  • ZoneManager [Creates Zones withing the server]