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4th April Rust Update

Another month with another Rust Update! Who is keen!

This update was on time this month, which is very nice. It implements some really cool features and the thing that we have all been waiting for…. The Big Oil Rig! Here are all the features that have been added this update!

  • The Big Oil Rig monument has been added. <3
  • Backpacks now float in water.
  • A new weapon from the heavy scientists, the MGL… To me it looks like a shotgun with 3 ammo types.
  • Electric SAM sites have been added.
  • The combat knife has been added!
  • And some other really cool things which I am to lazy to say here.

This update will be a well welcomed update, as it introduces the epic big oil rig and an epic looking MGL and Combat knife. I am really keen to login and test this stuff out!

Official Update Blog:

Shadowfrax Video: coming soon

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