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New Rust Update Today, Whats New?

So today is the day that our server will relaunch with the brand new patch today. There are many new cool things that are being introduced into the game today, and we at South African Nerd Network are keen as a bean. We just going to highlight some of the new things that will be in the new patch and our new server.

  • The small oil rig is being introduced. With normal and high loot around it and of course it introduces a new monument puzzle for us to enjoy and have fun with. The Chinook also has had an over haul. When it drops a locked crate on the oil rig and when someone unlocks it, it drop the new heavy scientists. Bring some meds!
  • The water has been reworked to simulate real water, and be careful… Your boat can now capsize.
  • The new heavy scientists are going to be fun, being more armed and more dangerous that normal scientists.
  • Some server updates have been made to make the game more smooth and enjoyable for all players.
  • There are also alot of little updates but we wont be listing those, go watch Shadowfrax’s on it.

We hope that all our players are going to enjoy this latest update, cause I know I will enjoy it.

Hope you all have a good day and see you in our server! 
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